Saturday, December 31, 2011

"We reached out to embrace the World, wanting to convey Peace and Tranquility. We received so much more in return!"

   "Little Wisdoms"

Negativity disrupts the harmonic balance of life
and leads to discontent within.
Deidre Stilletto

Sometimes the biggest gifts you receive are those that you give to others.
O. G. Tomes
Spread your wings and fly!
Otherwise you will never know what will be.
Dreams are a symbol of hope.
And I hope you continue to:
O.G. Tomes 

May you receive gifts equal to those you have given as your works in this life.
O. G. Tomes
Smile and the world smiles with you.
Frown and the world will turn it's back on you,
So that you walk alone.
Deidre Stilletto

See the Light.
A beacon shining,
Reaching out,
Calling to you.
Look closer.
See the empty pages turn as the wind ruffles them.
It beckons to you,
Wanting you to write.
O. G. Tomes
Stars shining in a winter sky,
Bring the thought,
That surely there is room for one more,
To take flight,
To soar,
To dream.
O. G. Tomes

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